A story of the strength of the human spirit, the personal cost of conflict, and how love can be found even in the darkest times.

About The Lost Daughters of the Ukraine

Halya, Liliya and Vika are no strangers to sorrow—they lost family during the Holodomor and loved ones in Stalin's purges. Now, war looms once more on the horizon, and these daughters of Ukraine must face devastation and loss as they fight to survive and protect the ones they love.

About Erin

Erin Litteken is an international bestselling author of historical fiction. She draws inspiration from her family roots, and in particular, her great-grandmother’s stories about life in Ukraine before, during, and after WWII. She lives outside of St. Louis with her husband and two children.


The Holodomor

Holodomor: from moryty holodom, to cause suffering and death by means of starvation. Stalin's man-made terror famine killed millions of Ukrainians in 1932-1933.

Praise for Erin's Work

Ukraine's tragic history painfully echoes its current crisis, and on every page the Ukrainian spirit shines out, unbowed, unbent, and unbroken... a compelling, timely read.

—Kate Quinn, New York Times Bestselling Author of
The Diamond Eye

I was utterly gripped by this beautiful novel from the very first page! ... A compelling and intimate story of love and survival. Everybody should read this story.

—Christy Lefteri, Bestselling Author of
The Beekeeper of Aleppo

This beautifully written snapshot of Ukraine's history is both timely and heart-rending... And how important a reminder that where there's life, there's hope.

—Fiona Valpy, Bestselling Author of
 The Dressmaker's Gift

Emotionally riveting and honest... simultaneously shines an unflinching light on historical atrocities while it celebrates the resilience of the human spirit. You won't soon forget this stunning debut.

—Paulette Kennedy, author of
The Witch of Tin Mountain

The Memory Keeper of Kyiv is a meticulously researched novel... depicting a country whose people managed to dig deep enough to find the strength, determination and heart to survive.

—Deborah Carr, USA Today Bestselling Author of An Island at War

Breathtaking. Devastating. Erin Litteken's The Memory Keeper of Kyiv chronicles a defining but forgotten moment of Ukrainian history through the shared joys and griefs, lives and deaths of one indomitable family. This would be an important book at any time but is an absolutely vital one now.

—Amanda McCrina, author of
 The Silent Unseen


“A stunning portrait of Ukraine
and its people, of strength, of endurance…
A remarkable read not to be missed.”

—Lisa Wingate, #1 New York Times Bestselling Author of
Before We Were Yours


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